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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> rob: good evening everybody, we start with breaking news. a father is dead after gets hit by at metro bus. >> the man was crossing the street with his daughter. >> reporter: it looks like just now a tow truck is removing the metro bus. this started roughly three hours ago. a metro spokes person was telling us that the driver was making a turn. this all started just before 8:00.
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father and a daughter. the man died from his injuries. metro says when this accident happened no one was on the bus other than the driver. >> it is very rare for an accident of this nature to occur. there are some things that have to occur, our driver will be sent for drug and alcohol testing, there will be a full investigation. we will wait to determine what happened. >> reporter: no names has been released. they are still investigating to find out whether that father and daughter were the crosswalk.
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being towed away. >> rob: new tonight, a cincinnati police officer is suspended accused of stealing. they say it happened as he was working an offduty restaurant detail. another man tasked with keeping people safe is locked up. officials say he had child porn on his personal computer. >> reporter: we tried to approach a lot of students to get the reaction, some of them said they receive issed an e-mail from the schooling saying not to talk to reporters.
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he is in the kenton county jail facing 36 counts of processing child pornography. >> when detectives responded to his resident, there was a soft wear running to get rid of that type of treerl. >> reporter: he was indicted last week. police say having the computer examined led to adelay in filing charges. >> the examination takes time but we are in behind other ate sis to begin that examination. >> today the college released a
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the criminal charges against him are isolated to his residents and stem from his home computer. police agree that no one has been in danger. >> shocked. i hear stuff like that on the news all the time. i was surprising >> i don't know why someone would take part in that kind of activity. it is unfortunate for the community. >> reporter: now we went to his house today that's where police said they seize that xaurt. no one there wanted to talk with us. they seemed pretty shocked and trying to figure out what's going on police may start looking at other devices that
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>> rob: thanks very much. a court date has not been set. >> cammy: it is only a party of time before john kasiches signature defunds planned parenthood in owe high row yoe. governor kasich has said he would sign it but it might be a while. the house has to agree to the changes. the mental evaluation in tomorrow for the man accuse indeed a terror plot. there is reason cause to believe he has mental issues. he was arrested last january outside of the gun shop. he is accused in aplot to blow up the u.s. capitol.
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>> tim: they will be pretty spotty but there are two disturbances headed our way. nothing on live precision doppler 12 hd. there is cloud cover going away but cloud cover will arrive later on tonight. there will be a chance of a flurry as this pushes through the area. temperatures are in the 20s right now. i think we are as low as we are going to go. we are in a very dry air mass. now with winds out of the south, rise. you can see those winds right now between 3-8 miles per hour. 24 degrees by 7:00 in the morning.
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morning a slight chance of a flurry. another chance will occur tomorrow evening. so two waves of instability headed our way. >> rob: tim thanks very much. a suspected killer is och the streets and behind bars. they say he is the trigger man in the murder from two weeks ago. the man was shot in the chest. >> stop the shooting. stop the skilling. >> rob: the that's the kind of crime that residents in westwood like to stop. tonight people let their voices be heard. they walked streets. >> please put the guns up, please put them down. i don't mind saying that because it is ripping our community apart.
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to you, let's talk about it. we need to come together and fight this thing together. >> rob: next week there will be a public meeting to do just that. it will be 6:30 on monday. both the mayor and the police chief will be there. homicidal hill billies. only way to describe them. >> he was involved in the murder of a man 33 years ago. one of the robber stabbed him in the back. they took cash, his watch and his wedding ring. his family fought to see his killer sent away. >> he was just a giver. a giver in a world of takers.
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for the murder but years later, his attorney said that brewer is the one who killed him. check out to send a message to ohio's parole board. >> rob: we are learning move about the man killed in aplane crash last night. it crashed into ahillside. the 33-year-old was an army national guard veteran. >> he loved aviation and was passionate about it. any spare time he had he was usually up flying. >> rob: he leaves behind a wife and two children.
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figure out what caused plane to go down. >> cammy: some video to show you, to show the aftermath of the crash. that driver was seriously hurt. he was hit head on by the woman deputies say was driving the wrong way. that kwom is also in the hospital tonight. >> rob: the city consill member is raising questions about the safety of cincinnati's drinks water. >> cammy: also, he is the saint
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>> rob: another twist tonight in the story about the illinois police officer who staged his suicide to look like the murder. tonight his widow in in trouble. they believe her husband had ahand in her husband's shady dealings. her husband stole thousands of dollars from a youth program. they allegedly spent the money on themselves. >> cammy: someone in sea bring ohio knew that there were high levels of lead in the water back in august. tonight, new tests show five children have more lead in their system than they should.
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not a recommendation, people there cannot drink unfiltered water. until then, people have to drink bottled water as bills pile up. >> it is not right and it is not fair. we will just have to see. >> cammy: there are chemicals patching up the coating the pipes. 93% of homes tested have less lead than the federal limits. well the water crisis in flint has prompted one city council member to test 16,000 lead pipes. >> cammy: r >> rob: the city is working hard to assure everyone that the water is safe. >> reporter: clean drinking
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ensure safe drinking water. in flint, michigan, it is a state of emergency because of the lead. >> i would believe that, and the word of mouth is the water in cincinnati is good. >> reporter: the city has the reports to back up the claims. in light of what's happened in flint, cincinnati city councilman member is calling for the city to test pipes. it is the small sample, about 7%. >> i personally am not worried. though. but i have heard that cincinnati
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>> reporter: he just wants to make sure there is no lead seeping into our water. >> i would hope the government tests the water more. >> reporter: now the lead pipes that are still around here they are older than 1927. chicago didn't stop uzing lead lined pipes in the 1986. very much. water works runs two tests a year. >> cammy: movie makers are fined out what we have known about our cities for quite some time, that it is is the stuff that movies are made of.
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away from miles ahead was filmed hollowy wood types are seeing the queen's city at it's finest. since it is not always obvious that cincinnati is the back drop the greater cincinnati film commission is on hand. >> we hope to leave a lasts impression on them. >> reporter: the film commission doesn't have to convince everyone of this fact. >> you can't explain it to people, you just have to have people come and see it. >> reporter: the critically acclaimed film "carol" was
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>> a lot of the locations have been shot out. with cincinnati there is so many different looks. people stop you on the street and they say thank you for choosing cincinnati. >> reporter: good old midwest hospitality. >> cammy: he feels right at home in the tri-state. his mother was born her and his dad is from dayton. >> rob: were you thinking you live in the magical place? >> tim: it is a magical place. it is not always magical. this is our atrium medical
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it's not a bad police lace to live. we have clear skies across the area right now. it is chilly 20s degrees. now clouds will push back into the area and this is one week wave of instability that could bring us a few flurries between 7-8:00 in the morning. there could be a very spotty flurry most areas remaining dry. daytime temperatures making it up to about 39 degrees nothing on radar right now but there is that clearing and here comes the first wave of instability. again between 3-9:00. there is that band of clouds
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after that, we could get a partial clear snare yo and then as we get into the tomorrow evening, sprinkles, flurries a little sleet. when the temperatures is the upper 30s you look for precipitation. we will get back into a little bit of sunshine on friday. temperatures right now, 22 in columbus. 28 in jackson. there is our low. louisville at 28 degrees. temperature wise tomorrow, swee start at 25, up to 29 by 8:00. by 11:00. 34 degrees then that temperatures continues to rise up until about 39 or 38 degrees.
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chance of a fy flurries across the area. so on thursday 39. friday still chilly, 39 degrees then a big warmup. we see some pacific air. sunday 57. monday and tuesday, 52 and 54. then back to 38 wednesday of next week. chilly air for the second half of next week. there you go.
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warmup in 11 days either the broncos or panthers will get the title of champs. bengals fans may still cringe when they think about the way their season ended but there should be a bright spot. for those who watch the cincinnati native dominate in high school and now playing in the nfl. as the 9th pick in 2012 pick he is just the second player every
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the giants is the other. >> reporter: would you have envisioned? >> it is has been the goal for long time. hopefully one of the days you get the opportunity to be there. >> they take on the broncos in superbowl 50. you can see the game right here and local 12. tonight nfl pro bowlers were train back to gym class. he was in and picking almost every bengals. >> what is means it the hard work and dedication that i put in to go out there and compete
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that's an honor. to be expect by my peers fans and coaches. major legal baseball announced that cincinnati will hold the rbi world series. reds catcher was at the event. he says he is good to go but obviously game action will be the most telling spring training is less than the month of way. a wait may be in store when it comes to a winning ball club. >> we put a lot into the ball club and we weren't able to get a job done, going forward, this is a decision that had to be made. it may not happy right here in the near future but i think
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come up and hopefully be able to help us win in the future. and who is emerging at the
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the teams over in misso so much the scrutiny, a young kentucky basketball team has faced -- in uk's last three games he average ten points nine rebounds and two blocks. it is allows uk to have a
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tonight uk hosting. nine points in the first five minutes. there was three of those nine early on. the easy two handed throw down and the 18 point lead. into transition, pulls up, 43-1 the score. kentucky wins it 88-54. this is not how the play hockey. he skates in the crease and buries it. top shelf coming up next and his third goal in the last two games cyclones get the win 3-1. you talk the bengals not being
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that have been so successful. >> cammy: it is wonderful. >> rob: it is something for us. >> cammy: ally in the newest member of our sports team. how are you liking it? >> i am loving it. cincinnati is such a great city. i lived here when he was really
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i have no good >> rob: you may catch a flurry in the morning >> tim: the temperatures is going do rise. maybe a spotty flurry. mostly cloudy at 9:00. another chance of flurries or a sprinkle into late tomorrow afternoon. >> rob: thanks for be with us everybody, see you tomorrow night.
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